It all began when we went looking for a therapy dog for our son. We searched rescue centers, hoping to find a dog who wouldn’t aggravate Noah’s lungs, who didn’t come from an unknown or traumatized background, and who was fit for therapy work and potentially bonding strongly enough to be a seizure alert candidate.


We learned that, as good-intended as that search was, we just weren’t entirely comfortable that the outcome would be what we needed, and that wouldn’t be fair to our children or any otherwise great dog we might adopt. Fast forward a lot of research later, and we came across this intriguing ‘Australian Labradoodle’ breed…a breed that was developed exactly for the qualities we were seeking.


Some quick searching revealed that there were no ALAA or ALCA registered breeders of true Australian Labradoodles in Minnesota, which got us thinking about the opportunity to bring these truly unique and amazing dogs to others in need.


From there, a tiny, family-operated program was born...

St. Croix Labradoodles is a small, family-operated, home-based breeder of the authentic multigenerational Australian Labradoodle. We recognize the importance of preserving the integrity of this incredible breed and advancing it at every opportunity. To that end, we are committed to adhering to the highest ethical and quality standards throughout all aspects of our program.

To begin with, our breeding dogs’ pedigrees anchor back to the research centers of Rutland Manor and Tegan Park in Australia. They are carefully selected for superb temperament, health, coat, and conformation. We strive for service and therapy temperaments with the calm demeanor, intelligence, human-focus, and intuition that Australian Labradoodles were specifically bred to possess, while maintaining the charismatic and charming personality that is also a hallmark feature of their breed. We also screen for a variety of genetic markers and conditions that could be passed on to offspring, potentially affecting quality or quantity of life, and carefully pair breeding dogs accordingly. We stand behind the genetic health of our lines with a two year warranty on each puppy. Also, we aren’t superficial, but we do study proper coats and conformation, and try to breed toward ideal and balanced features in accordance with the breed standard.

Our dogs are not kenneled; they are an active part of family life, right inside our home and almost always right at our side. They are fed a high-quality diet, groomed and exercised regularly, attended to medically, trained for good manners or for therapy work, and loved immensely.

Our goal is to raise confident, smart, adaptable, human-bonded puppies, and that work begins at birth. Unless there is a medical concern, puppies are whelped in our home, beginning their journey of a life lived with people. On their third day of life, we begin Early Neurological Stimulation and continue to follow that with activities, stimuli, and experiences that challenge their minds and promote positive development. Importantly, we also focus on proper socialization, carefully balancing that against developing immune systems that require protection.


Puppies are not prematurely weaned from their mothers (and are fed a high quality diet once weaning process begins). We let nature assume the role of driver, and allow puppies to learn and absorb as much from their mother and siblings as possible. Mom is their first and best trainer of good manners, and they learn a great deal of social skills from her and their littermates.

Throughout the process, we partner with others: mentoring from reputable breeders, health oversight from caring veterinarians, puppy temperament assessments from skilled trainers, and, of course, valued input from our puppy families, to name a few.


Thank you for choosing to join the St. Croix Labradoodles family. Whether for service, therapy, or companionship purposes, it is our honor to raise your next best friend.