Our 2018 litter has arrived! This is Miss Daisy's retirement litter, and we are completely over the moon that she and Lewis Manor's Chocolate Moose are the the proud parents of TWELVE amazing little chocolate and cream pups! Like Daisy, Moose is a calm, loving, laid back boy who comes from strong service and therapy lines. 

All of these puppies are spoken for by some very loving and excited families!

Full Name:                                   Lewis Manor's Chocolate Moose

ALAA Registration:                    ALAA-034208

Coat:                                              Dark chocolate fleece (non fading)      

Size:                                               Medium (19" tall, 36 lbs)

What Lewis Manor has to say about Moose: We have waited for so long to have a stud like this guy, and knew the moment we set eyes on him that he was perfection in every way!  We couldn't be prouder of him.  Moose just about walks on water, and is the complete package.  His boning is stunningly solid, with such nice conformation to match.  Complete with a saber tail, straight topline, nice square head and ear set, and we could go on and on!  The best part about him though is his temperament is literally to die for!  He is so laid back... can I say it again? SO laid back!  You can take Moose anywhere and he'll act like he'd been there a hundred times before.  He has a very stable, friendly temperament that just makes him the perfect candidate for therapy work, which he is working towards with his guardians.  He doesn't know a stranger, and gets along with any animals he meets as well.  He is so easy going that he is a real joy to live with.  We are very excited to see the mark he will have on this breed through his offspring!