Much like you probably search breeders for the right fit for you, we also screen hopeful adoptive families to ensure the right fit for our St. Croix Labradoodles family. If we don’t think something is the right fit, we end the application or adoption process. We take great care to ensure that our puppies go only to loving families who will raise them in a positive and healthy home environment. Once a family is approved, we do our best to match you with the puppy of your dreams. 


Application -

  • Complete application

  • Applications will be reviewed within three business days and, if approved, St. Croix Labradoodles will e-mail deposit payment instructions.​

    • Send deposit of $350 to retain a puppy. This deposit amount is applied to the total adoption cost. If payment is not received within five days from date of approval e-mail, reservation may be lost to other waiting families. Deposits can be rolled to future litters, if needed.


Paws on the ground -

  • Upon notification of birth, approved applicants with deposits paid will be provided with the details of when and where to pick up puppy at 8-9 weeks of age.

    • If there are not enough puppies in your desired litter, your deposit may be moved to the next available puppy or litter depending on order of deposit receipt.

    • Requests for boarding past the pickup date must be made at this time and are subject to our availability.

    • Puppy pick up dates will usually fall on weekends, but that is not guaranteed.

  • You will receive e-mail updates every week or two with information about how your puppy is growing and developing. Pictures will also be posted on our social media pages and/or e-mailed with the updates. Enjoy learning about and sharing in this very exciting time in your puppy’s life!!

  • At five weeks of age, the remaining adoption balance is due ($2,450 plus tax for full adoption amount). Travel and/or boarding costs beyond the assigned pickup date are also due at this time, if applicable.

    • Families with an outstanding balance may be removed from the reservation list at this time so that families who are ready are able to get a puppy.

Allocation and preparing for new families -

  • Around seven weeks of age, puppies are evaluated and allocated by St. Croix Labradoodles to families based on temperament. By this point, we have bonded closely with the puppies and learned their personalities, and are in the best position to select which family they will best fit based on information provided in applications and our interactions with families. 

Going home -

  • Around eight to nine weeks of age, puppies are ready to leave their mom and littermates and join their new family. Again, the date of pickup is assigned at the time of birth and communicated with the birth announcement.

    • Except in rare cases, families are required to pick up their puppy at our home in Stillwater, MN. The nearest major airport is MSP, which is approximately 30 minutes’ drive from our home. Plan your trip to our beautiful river valley here.

    • Puppies that require boarding past the assigned pickup date may do so based on our availability and for a fee of $75.00 per day plus tax. The fee for boarding over national holidays is $150.00 per day plus tax. Arrangements to board past the assigned pickup date must be made at the time of birth when the pickup date is communicated. We cannot board puppies beyond nine weeks of age.

    • Adoption agreement (which includes requirement to spay/neuter) and disclosure of consumer rights are signed when puppy goes home.

At all times, St. Croix Labradoodles reserves the right to hold back exceptional puppies for our program.


MN state and local sales tax is 7.125%.