Daisy is our beautiful and amazing foundation girl.


She possesses the legendary Australian Labradoodle temperament with her gentle nature, comical antics, intense need for human contact, keen intuition, and seemingly endless desire to spread happiness to her people. She is calm in our presence, but she runs like the wind when outside playing. Typically quiet and never venturing away from us, she spends her days at my side and she spends her nights sleeping in our daughter Anna’s bedroom.

Full Name:                                   Sun Valley's Daring Daisy

ALAA Registration:                    ALAA-033575

ALCA Registration:                    289-07112013-001-B

Pedigree:                                       Click here to open 

Coat:                                              Caramel-cream, fleece              

Weight:                                          45 lbs

Size:                                                Large Medium

OFA Hips:                                      Prelim Good

OFA Elbows:                                 Normal

OFA Eyes (fka CERF):                  Normal/Clear

Von Willebrand Disease:          Normal/Clear

Progressive Retinal Atrophy:  Normal/Clear

Neonatal Encephalopathy

w/ Seizures:                                  Normal/Clear

Exercise Induced Collapse:      Normal/Clear

Hereditary Nasal 

Parakeratosis:                             Normal/Clear

Improper Coat (IC):                    Normal/Clear